Need an alternative to the native EA document generator?

  • Are you struggling to print exactly the EA content you want directly from your model?

  • Does document production and formatting take more time than doing your proper job?

  • Do your stakeholders want more from the documents you produce?

If the answer to any of these is 'yes' then you need eaDocX.

You don't need to spend hours creating your EA documents. With eaDocX you can create great-looking documents in minutes.

You don't need to know the insides of EA, or be a programmer - now everyone can generate accurate, readable documents, not just 'document experts'

Make your documents relevant

When your documents are generated from your model, you don't need to have a 'one size fits all' document, which contains everything you know. Because eaDocX makes the process of creating documents quick and simple, you can start to think about the readers of your documents. Who are they ?

 Which parts of your work are they interested in? What bits do they need to see? (which bits will they understand?)


You can now create a family of documents, all from the same model, with each one customised to the needs of the reader.

So no more huge documents to get reviewed: each reader can get a small, customised view of your work, which they can understand and relate to. You'll get more engagement, and a step-change in the quality of feedback.

And with eaDocX, you're not limited to just Word documents. You can send your readers Excel spreadsheets, let them make their own changes, then pull the data back into EA, either to update what's already there, or add new information.

So EA can be your Single Version of the Truth.

Make your documents readable

Do you create documents which never get read ? Why is that? Is is because your readers are stupid? Probably not. Too busy to read a complicated document? More likely.

Readers are used to websites and publications which have been carefully designed so that the information in clear, and where they can click on things they find interesting.  As IT professionals, we need to make our documents more like a website, less like a phone book.

In your EA model you probably already have all the information needed to make your documents more interesting, and easier to read. And with eaDocX, you can make all that available to your readers. 

 Your model probably already has links between elements. These all mean something. So put that meaning into your documents, so your readers can understand what they are reading. Let them see not just what the document IS, but where it came from. So they are much more likely to understand and approve it.

Hyperlinking can mean the difference between a fat, dull document, and a thinner, more interesting document, which readers will enjoy reading. Read more about hyperlinking



Make your documents frequent

Documentation can sometimes be the last task in a project phase. That's because it's such hard work creating documents that we don't want to do it lots of times.

But now that your documents can be generated from a model, you can produce documentation all the way through the project phase. So shakeholders can see how the documents are progressing, and because you have made them interesting and readable (see above), they can provide early feedback.

This improves both the quality of the final deliverables AND increases your stakeholders visibility of what's happening. A regularly-informed stakeholder is usually a happy one!