No More Copy and Paste

Wouldn't it be great to generate exactly the EA content you want directly from your model?

With document formatting to suit your company branding and presentation styles?

And whenever you need to update, to do it all with just a couple of clicks?

Most organisations have a house style for documents, with standard headings, layout and colours, title page and version information. It's what readers expect to see.

Until now, if you wanted to put knowledge from your EA model into these documents, the only way was to cut & paste EA diagrams into the document, then manually update the rest of the document

Now, with eaDocX, you can create quick, great-looking documents in your house style, and no copy/paste! And each time the EA model changes, simply re-generate a new document.

Using your local Word styles

When eaDocX generates a document, it can make use of the Word styles which you have already defined. So tables appear just like hand-built tables, text looks like hand-written text.

But your documents can also contain information you'd never create by hand: hyperlinks within the document, so readers can click their way around the document, automatic glossary generation, with just the terms which appear in the document, and conditional formatting & highlighting, so that readers know where they need to concentrate.


See our Guide to Samples.