EAUG London 2018 Special Offer

We will be at CodeNode in London on June 7th and 8th for this years EA User Group event.

Ian will be illustrating various features of eaDocX v4 during his presentation "Modelling with Instances in EA" . 

Join us, to hear his talk, and meet the eaDocX team.

And to make it even more worthwhile, when you buy your ticket we'll give you

$50 off your next Model Expert or eaDocX purchase*.

See you there!


* Applies to all Model Expert and eaDocX licences, extensions and renewals bought directly from Ability Engineering via the website or by Purchase Order. 

To receive your discount, simply send the proof of purchase for your User group tickets to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One $50 discount for each EAUG ticket purchased. 

Offer expires on June 30th 2018.