Including linked documents

In EA, a Linked Document is some Rich Text Format (RTF) text which can be attached to almost any EA element, and which is saved in the EA repository.

It’s a good way to include small documents into your EA model without needing to copy & paste all the text into the ‘Notes’ area of an element. It also allows you add text with more complex formatting, such as tables, which can’t otherwise be saved in EA.
eaDocX can include the content of EA Linked Documents into your Word documents, just by adding the ‘LinkedDocument’ attribute into your elements.  This makes it easy to include work you've already done into your documents - no rework or cut & paste required.  eaDocX does all the work for you.

Hints for using Linked Documents

When eaDocX adds the contents of a Linked Document (LD) to a document, it doesn't look inside the linked document. So, whatever is in the LD goes straight into Word.

This can cause formatting problems where the LD has complicated formattng, like headings or even numbered headings. These will have an unpredictable effect on your eaDocX document. 

So, we recommend that if you have to use LDs, keep the LD content small and simple. Charts a tables are fine, but the tables and charts won't get sequential numbers. Keep text very simple, and avoid headings other then simple 'bold' or font changes. Note that these will not be converted by eaDocX to use the Word paragraph- or table-styles from your document - which may be agood thing - it will be obvious which content has come from an LD.