Record size for an eaDocX Document ?

I just ran a test for a customer, with a REALLY big model.

Managed to get eaDocX to create a 1023 page document, with 462 tables, with 3000+ cross-references, in about 40 minutes.

It's the cross-references which slow-down the generator: The 'Draft' version took just 10 minutes - the rest was resolving all those hyperlinks.

BTW - we're not saying that a 1000+ page document is in any way useful: it's just for fun - and testing is fun, right?

Do you have a larger document? I'd like to suggest a wall-of-honour for the largest eaDocX document. Or the most interesting. Submit your candidates to Ian at eaDocX (dot) com.

Posted by Ian on April 26th 2013