How to become a billionaire

I was reading an article today about how to become a billionaire (I can dream). According to the Harvard Business Review, billionaires from the business world (as opposed to just inheriting the money or winning the lottery) all had businesses with a purpose. And the author gave a challenge: to consider which one dominates your company’s mission. So in order to prove to myself that I can become a billionaire, I thought I'd put eaDocX to the test...

The three categories of purpose defined are:

1. Making the world more beautiful.
2. Making the world more fun.
3. Making the world more efficient and smart.

So which are we?

  1. Making the world more beautiful... Can we call a well crafted document a thing of beauty? Well if it's well formatted and contains everything the reader wants then of course it is beautiful (in the eye of the beholder). And adding colour and, and, ... But maybe this category is really for the fashion, beauty and art world. Much as I'd like to say yes, we should probably leave this one to the designer labels brigade...
  2. Making the world more fun. I don't think documents themselves actually make the world more fun... not unless the content is a series of cartoons, or a great novel, or if it is describing a new theme park or the screenplay for a new film. But as eaDocX reduces the amount of time it takes to create beautiful(!) documents,we actually make more time for fun. Does that count?
  3. Making the world more efficient and smart. This is it! eaDocX is really about efficiency - making your job more efficient by streamlining document creation, then making your readers more efficient by giving them documents exactly tailored to their needs. And smart? Well being able to show off all the work you've done in EA makes you look smart - and that's got to contribute to making the world smarter too.

OK I've proved we have a purpose... so now I'm bound to become a billionaire*, aren't I?. A good days work I'd say...

* "Not at these prices." (Ed)