Observations on a Lunar Eclipse...

A couple of nights ago I was awake at 3.11am to see a Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. It had been all over the TV news the day before, and we were promised a thing of rare beauty. Both because of the apparent size of the moon (due to it being at perigee in it's orbital path) and because of the colour change expected due to light being filtered through the earth's atmosphere.

And I must admit it was cool: clear and bright, with lovely terracotta hues. Close enough to touch? Well not quite. I nearly woke up my nearest and dearest to have a look too. But then the clouds came across and obscured my view. They have no sense of occasion do they? So I'll have to wait until 2033 for the next time...

As well as the celestial coincidences which created the super moon lunar eclipse, it occurred to me that a number of other things had to coincide (and no I won't refer to heavenly bodies). I am no astronomer, despite my space science background, so 

  • I had to be told what to look for,
  • I had to be told where to look
  • and I had to be told when to look there

Then to make sense of it I needed to know why it was significant, why it was happening at all. And only when I had all these pieces of information was I able to see and understand what I was looking at.

All these elements are needed for pretty much anything I do,  but for much of my daily activity I know most of the context and the what and the why and the where. Or i can make assumptions based on previous experience.

But occasionally that 'safety net' of information isn't there.

Given a new project or an unusual problem to solve I need more help to point me in the right direction, to be told what is important. Or when I'm really busy and I haven't got time to work these things out for myself - I need guidance. I need help. And to have all these things accessible right when I need them, wherever I am.

Guess what...

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