RTF Model and Master documents

Support for EA RTF Master and Model documents in eaDocX v3.7

If you have already tried to produce documents using the built-in EA RTF generator, then you may already have some Master documents or model documents defined.
eaDocX 3.7 can now use those master and model document definitions to create eaDocX documents.
So you can use your existing documents and super-charge them with eaDocX by applying all the benefits of Word formatting.
Simply open eaDocX inside EA and then add your EA master or EA model document definition as a Document section.
As with any other EA content, eaDocX will automatically give you options to format the contents of your model document or master document exactly as you want. eaDocX looks at the elements, packages, matrices and diagrams you have included and presents a full set of Word formatting options. For more information check out the eaDocX Help
Alongside your model or master document content, eaDocX lets you add other sections of various different types, including:
  • Excel spreadsheet ranges and charts generated from your EA data,
  • Element reports,
  • Cross-reference reports,
  • Diagrams with their contents (or just the contents of a diagram)
  • contents based on a Model View... 
  • and more...

... all updated with a single click and delivering real insight into your model.

Use the documents you have already created, and take them to the next level with eaDocX.