Word Table styles

It's a feature of MS Word which you might not have used, but it can make your documents clearer and easier to read. Ever wondered how some people get their documents to have interesting-looking tables?

The table opposite has used a Word Table Style'. This is a set of definitions - in MS Word - which define in detail how a table will look: fonts, colors, shading, borders etc.

This isn't just complexity for fun: using table styles like this can create a document which is easier to read. For example, we differently shaded Word Tables Styles to represent different kinds of content: Blue for Requirements, Green for Use Cases, Red for Issues etc. This gives readers a visual cue when they read your document.

eaDocX makes use of the Word Table Styles to make documents more readable:

Each type of element, and even different stereotypes of the same element, can use different Word Table styles. Just choose from the lists which are defined in your document. Or, define a single Word Table style to use throughout your document.

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