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Read how eaDocX has changed how Han van Roosmalen, Enterprise Architect and Change Manager, works with EA.

"By using eaDocX my customer teams became more productive ... since the document creation was less cumbersome and even more fun."

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eaDocX has been one of the discoveries of the year for me. Until eaDocX I had resorted to copy and paste from EA into documents. I HATE copy and paste, but I'm no longer up for battling with report generators that are 'tricky' to say the least! I'd rather spend my creative energy on core BA work and sailing. One of the best things about eaDocX is that I can concentrate 90% of my effort on modelling and other BA work, confident that when it comes time to present my work in a document it will be easy to do. If I develop a new metamodel (like an impacts model I did over the last day or two), I know I can create a new profile and generate what I want. It took 15 mins to produce an impacts profile that traverses 4 different linked element types, and generates a nice table.

Thanks also to eaDocX for responses to suggestions. Name+Description is now my goto attribute. I've figured out how to use the EA formatting to make the Notes: look like I had done all the formatting directly in Word.

John MC. (Business Analyst, NZ)

I’d like to extend my thanks to your team and the eaDocX product as it is my belief that without it we would have certainly failed in our ambition to roll out EA to the business. 

Whilst the EA toolset is superb value for money (which is why we selected it) the fact is that we are transitioning from a wholly document-centric workflow to a hybrid model/document workflow.  In this environment, the ability to produce clear, consistent and, most importantly, client-facing documentation has been invaluable.  Only last night, my Australian team leader wrote to me to say one of her BAs referred to it as “painting by numbers” which nicely places the emphasis on the analysis and removes it from the grunt work of compiling output.

We have to tailor our output to clients around the world, few of whom have any need for a tool like Enterprise Architect or the inclination to adopt one.  Whilst not removing all the pain points in this line-of-communication, eaDocX certainly means that my staff can focus on the right parts of their job and not get bogged down in annoying admin tasks.

Matt Taylor, Pilat Media. (London)


eaDocX has been a great addition to our toolkit. 

M.H. (Canada)


We use eaDocX to 'write' the documents for our clients.  Model is release sensitive. We set model divided on each type of elements - business logic, processes, requirements, use cases and so on... and we join the release feature with dependency or trace relation to this feature. I used to do it in pure EA having relations made by links in notes and Linked docs. But it was not sufficient – then I find the eaDocX – sky was open and Angels sings!  

My dream is to have company's framework and templates of documents and agreed acceptance process with clients base on EA and eaDocX. Will see, maybe will come true!? smiley

Jacek Woynarowski (Poland)


Awesome add-on for EA. Finally I can use EA as I wanted when purchasing it.

Renier Pretorius, ConsultLink CC


eaDocX is a must have for anyone who uses Enterprise Architect to assemble data for documentation..

It makes document assembly and management from Enterprise Architect simple.  I create sets of related documents that each describe different parts of our product but have common elements.  Using profiles and stereotypes, different types of information can be presented in different but consistent ways across the various documents, and also enables consistency of presentation to each customer.  The Excel integration makes getting information into and out of Enterprise Architect much simpler.  The document management feature is also helpful for keeping track of edits and managing document releases.

Prior to eaDocX, I exported everything from Enterprise Architect as RTF and CSV files and then manipulated them in Word and Excel to create an acceptable presentation rather than using the cumbersome, built in Enterprise Architect documentation features, and it took me 2-3 days to assemble a single document.  Now I can assemble an entire set of 15-20 consistently organized and formatted documents in an hour or two.

Joab Stieglitz (Alexandria, Virginia)

It is an excellent tool, the integration with MS Word was exactly what I was looking for.  EA's RTF editor is "clunky" at best.  It is a good tool... when time is a luxury you don't have in your organization, it is extremely important that you be up and running in a minimum amount of time. Because of the integration with MS Word, the learning curve to use eaDocX was less steep than expected.  The GUI is intuitive and the help files are well written.
NP (Cincinnati, Ohio)
eaDocX has definitely improved my productivity, allowing me to focus entirely on the analysis and content, knowing that subsequent presentation is going to be a breeze.
Paul Jarvis, Consultant at Vodafone Group
I have previously struggled with producing documents in EA using the native tools - eaDocX is a big step forward.  Good luck - with this tool - it fills a gap and is priced sensibly.
A.D. (Solution Architect)
The eaDocX document-centric approach is far superior to the EA repository-centric RTF report writer when it comes to creating and maintaining Word document reports from the EA repository.
P.K. (Enterprise Architect Training)

eaDocx is really helping to get better use of EA with my clients. Taking it from shelfware used by BA’s in a dark room to a working tool for communicating business process.

M.W. (Transpower, NZ)