eaXL User Interface

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eaXL User Interface

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eaXL is an EA Add-In extension which appears as a new tab within the EA window.

A user can have multiple eaXL tabs open, each of which is a separate Excel instance supporting a single Excel workbook.  Each workbook can have multiple worksheets.

The eaXL tab contains 3 areas:

1 - The eaXL Toolbar

2 - The Profile area, which controls what EA data gets put where.

3 - The Excel window. This the full-function of MS Excel, with a few tiny additions.


1 - eaXL Toolbar

The toolbar has the main eaXL tools, and a few other options:



Saves the current Excel Workbook to disk

Save As

Saves the current Excel Workbook to disk with a new name

Main functions


Export data from EA to Excel


Compare current Excel worksheet with the current EA model


Import Excel data back in to EA

Tools menu

Find item in project browser

Takes the currently-selected row in the current spreadsheet, and finds it in the EA Package Browser


- Display Information

Shows information each time data is exported or imported. Useful to verify that the expected number of elements are being processed

- Auto Tab naming

Automatically creates new tab names when new worksheets are created. Uses the Package name as the default name

- Display data type

Shows the data type of Tagged Value columns

- Enable Logging

Enables the eaDocX logging function, for diagnosing problems

Status Area

Exporting / Importing

eaXL is busy exporting or importing data. Making changes to Excel data whist this is happening will have unpredictable results


Ready for editing


Busy doing a comparison of EA and Excel data.

Making changes to Excel data whist this is happening will have unpredictable results

2 - eaXL Profile

In a similar way to eaDocX, the eaXL Profile controls which bits of EA content appears in the Excel spreadsheet.

It allows you to say which Elements appear, and which Attributes of those elements are shown, and in what order.

It also has other options, allowing you to show

- Tagged Values

- information about related elements

- child elements

3 - Excel Window

...it's Excel.

..but with a few changes. See eaXL Excel Window