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Welcome to eaDocX, the smart document generation & collaboration tool for Enterprise Architect and Microsoft Office.

This is the help for eaDocX Professional, Corporate and Collaboration Editions, Version 4.2

  For an overview of eaDocX, see the Overview.

  To produce your first document, see Getting Started.

  Also see System Requirements

Latest Changes





28th April 2020

New options in Auto Templates. Documents can now have multiple sections added them, allowing complex documents to be setup, then generated quickly and easily.

Also, the eaDocX user interface is starting to move to the new V5 look & feel. We hope you like it.


6th April 2020

Removed the check in Auto Templates which warns the user when an auto-template comes from a different repository. Enables auto-templates to be developed and tested using one repository, then deployed on another.

- allows for import of Attribute.dataType with eaXL.

- 'Save As' function for DM-managed documents now works as expected


31st March 2020

Added new options and setup dialog for Quick Documents.

These can now use content from Word template files (dotx, dotm) as well as printing a glossary at the end of Quick Documents by default. Lots of new Quick Document options as well.

Also start of eaDocX re-branding, so there may be some inconsistencies in formatting for the next few releases.


3rd Feb 2020

Lots of changes to eaXL:

Export and import of data are now done in a separate thread, so you can see progress, and cancel is things are not going well

Whilst eaXL is importing/exporting is running, all other eaXL functions are locked

Bulk import of relationships/connectors is now working again (not upgraded when we introduced V4 - sorry...)

Help for eaXL has been updated to V4

Functions to add new worksheets have been fixed

'Create from Template' has been updated for V4

Various typos fixed

All eaXL tabs are now prefixed with 'eaXL' so it's easier to see which tabs are diagrams, and which are eaXL tabs


24th January 2020

In eaDocX/Excel, added progress indicators for export and import of data to/from Excel. These can also be canceled, if the import/export is taking a long time

Also put back the 'import relationships' function (see help)


2nd January 2020

Added new setting to allow for export of all diagrams in BITMAP format, which fixes the issue of the right-hand part of the image box not appearing, but can make the image a bit fuzzy sometimes.

Default behavior is as current - export as METAFILE. Option to change is in APPLICATION settings, under 'Diagram Settings': "Use a bitmap format when copying diagrams from EA". Set to true to export as bitmap.

Fixes the issue where the right-hand border of diagrams does not appear.


Added additional option for tables to choose the style for table captions (see below)


6th November 2019

New feature to allow inline tables (tables of attributes from a single element) to have table numbers auto-generated, so they can appear in a table-of-tables looking nice. see Table formatting options


5th November 2019

Fix to use of EA searches in eaXL


25th October 2019

Added a new feature for printing of instances of elements which have similar structures. See Inherited formatting for instances.

Also improved the code, and the help, for instance printing the old way - with separate Profiles for each kind of element which has instances.


17th October 2019

Put back the Excel 'Compare' function. This compares what is in your spreadsheet with what's currently in EA, before you decide to do an import. See Comparing Excel and EA


4th October 2019

New: Added new feature, to make use of EA attribute colors (such as for 'status') as conditional formatting in tables.

see Using EA Colors


30th September 2019

New: Instances (elements of type 'Object') will now print with the eaDocX Profile for 'Object', if no profile can be found for the specific instance

This MAY make a difference to existing documents, which DO have profiles for instances of specific types, but which have chosen to delete some of them so as not to print specific instances.


2eptember 2019

New: eaDocX can now use Word style names which have spaces. This is the oldest EA bug, and comes from a restriction of the Word HTML API, which we've now found a way around.

Fixes: various fixes to the UI for Document Management.

22nd July 2019

New Feature: eaDocX can now print Attributes (that is, attributes of classes) using scripts. Please remember that these scripts get passed a list of Attribute GUIDs, not element ones


7th July 2019

Added back the Phone Function which goes to eaDocX.com to ask about new releases, top-of-the-day etc.

Note: eaDocX will still not auto-update: just tell you that new versions are available.

New Features:

- two new attributes for any element: 'Appears in diagrams' and 'appears in diagrams - hyperlink'. Shows in which diagrams an element appears, or a hyperlink to the diagram (if it appears in the document)

4th June 2019

Fixed error with UI for eaDocX/XL, when defining new related elements.

28th May 2019


1 - removed timeout on running of scripts, so they no longer show a 'timeout' message if they are taking a long time to run.

2 - changed behavior when adding new sections from the EA project browser. Now only generates new Profiles for elements which don't already have one, instead of overwriting them all.

15th May 2019

- new feature to allow for loading of Report formats from an external Profile XML file. Makes it easier to put the same report into multiple documents

- fix to loading of V3 document, where they have Element reports, and those element reports have custom formatting, and that custom formatting has nested formats.

30th April 2019

Significant change to eaXL, so that when opening a spreadsheet for the first time on a package, data will load asynchronously, so user has a change to say 'cancel' if it's taking too long

Also, this process speeded-up a lot!

Fixes to generation of multiple document (from a diagram of documents) so it allows for external documents. Also more checks for external documents which are not found.

Fixes an error with which had a missing DLL from the installer

4th April 2019

Fix to adding of Document Version history in documents which use Document Management

27th March 2019

Fixes for:

- printing of stereotyped Element Tests

21st Feb 2019

Fixed issues with 'Save As' for some documents

4th Feb 2019

Fix to error when doing a 'Quick Document' on a diagram which has 'Text'  elements.

12th December 2018

- fixed issue with export of tagged-value data in eaXL using V3 profiles.

- Also changed eaXL UI to make it scale better, and hopefully more readable. MAY also look better on high-DPI screens.

- NOTE: eaXL Search is not tested in this version, due to lack of time. If you rely on this function, then don't upgrade - yet.

10th December 2018

fix to eaXl, when opening new empty workbooks, and adding Package sheets

Fix to generation of heading greater than 6. Remember that to use headings >6, you must have heading styles in Word which do not have spaces, and add those styles to the document settings / Inline settings / Heading override

18th October 2018


Error when inserting images which are not present in the current repository

Error when removing/adding Document Management to some documents

Error where Element Report custom formatting options don't display correctly


What's new in eaDocX 4.0


Version 4.1

- generating groups of documents


Version 4.0

eaDocX 4.0 now supports using Instances for capturing and documenting systems.

For more on how EA itself supports Instances, see our white paper - (title tbd)

To Document:

Major refresh of eaXL

oAll-new user interface: easier to find and export the data you need

oSeparate menus for eaDocX(Word) and eaXL - easier to use

oeaDocX/XL workbooks and their worksheets/charts and ranges all appear as EA elements, so you can open them quickly from the EA PB. Make Excel spreadsheet a integral part of your model

oTime-machine for Excel charts - go back to see what they looked like in older version of your spreadsheets

oFast editing of Tagged values of Attributes

oFull editing of connectors: update, create new and delete

oEditing of attribute/attribute connections

Auto Templates lets you create lots of small documents with similar content.

Print Element comments, and replies to comments. Just create a Quick Document on some elements which have comment, to see what's possible.

oComing Soon - Add Prolaborate comments into your eaDocX documents,

eaDocX supports EA V14 - see here for changes made to work with the latest EA version

see release for older versions