I'm a customer. Where's my code download?

As a customer, your eaDocX or Model Expert  login status should have automatically changed from "Registered User" to "Customer" for the duration of your support period. However there are exceptions:

  • If you have been given a licence key by someone else
  • If your keys were bought through a Reseller
  • If we made a mistake here (unlikely I know, but it happens...)

To confirm your status as a customer:

  1. Go to My Account to view your profile.
  2. Select Edit | Update Your Profile
If you have an eaDocX key: If you have a Model Expert key: 

Open the eaDocX Subscription Information tab

Open the Model Expert Subscription Information tab

Cut and paste your eaDocX licence key into the Licence Key field.

Cut and paste your Model Expert licence key into the Licence Key field.

  1. Update your details. 
  2. Log out, then log back in - your status should now have been updated

Note that your key may not be accepted if:

  • it is already registered to someone else
  • it has been disabled

Also, even if your key is accepted, you will not be able to access customer downloads if your support period has ended. 

In these cases you will need to Buy a support extension or renewal to access the latest code.

If you think there is an error with your key, please Contact Us for advice.

To download the Customer code:

eaDocX: Once you have completed the steps above, visit https://store.eadocx.com/web-downloads/customer-downloads and download eaDocX.

Model Expert: Once you have completed the steps above, visit https://store.eadocx.com/modelexpert/model-expert-downloads and download Model Expert.

Note that for both products you should uninstall the relevant trial version before you install the full customer version.