Welcome to Model Expert 2020!

Model Expert™ is the model quality management toolkit for your team.

With Model Expert you can find and fix errors, and even stop them happening again! Take a look at these videos to discover how...


The Modeller Experience

  • Model Expert delivers real-time modelling standards direct to the modeller
  • Elements, attributes and connectors defined for each package or diagram type.
  • Embedded help dynamically generated at point of need
  • Modelling Right First Time


Fixing models with Model Expert

  • Model Expert lets you look at the detail on which element types and stereotypes are being used – making it simple to find and fix bad practice
  • See which connectors are used and where: find where they are used, and fix
  • Shows attribute usage – which EA attributes and tagged values are being used, and how consistently


Exploring the Model Expert Dashboard


One page view of...

  • Which elements, diagrams and connectors are being used, by type and stereotype
  • Duplicate elements and empty diagrams
  • Top-5 elements (most used) and top-5 diagrams (highest complexity)
  • Complexity measure of the meta-model – good guide to unusual modelling
  • Word cloud from package contents - names and notes 


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