Fixing models with Model Expert

Exploring and fixing your model using a snapshot meta-model.


For even a small package, getting a big picture can be hard. You could open each diagram … but there might be 10s or 100s.
Instead, let Model Expert do the work.
Model Expert looks at all the elements in your package...
...and all their connectors...
...and all their attributes
...and putting it all into one diagram.
What does it show?
- The Element types in the package and outside it.
- The number of elements of each type
- The connectors used between types
- plus Attributes for each type and how consistently they are used
The snapshot also reveals issues with some of the elements in the package. e.g. in this example
  • Modellers are not using the EA attributes consistently - especially the 'Alias'
  • 'Status' not used all the time for 'Ports'
  • 'Name' hardly ever used 
  • Why do we have 2 Requirements in this package?
  • With strange connections...
With Model Expert, you can use this diagram to fix some obvious problems
Find and fix connectors.
Model Expert finds the elements involved and creates a new diagram to show the connectors
Making it easy to do some fixing.
Move or delete elements.
These two requirements should not be here.
Model Expert creates a new diagram showing all the elements of that type in this package.
Then we can use EA features to find and move or delete them.
Adding missing attributes.
What about fixing all those components, with their missing attributes ?
First find them all, then edit all the elements in your favourite editor.
(eaXL - part of eaDocX - opens all the elements in a diagram in an Excel worksheet so it's quick and easy to edit them.
The Snapshot meta-model shows
  • what element types we have in a package
  • how they are connected
  • and which attributes they use
So we can fix modelling problems:
  • Bad elements
  • Bad connectors
  • Missing attributes

Add a Model Expert to your team

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