Video - The Modeller Experience

EA lets modellers model in all kinds of ways ...

In this video, for example, there are three process diagrams, all using the same modelling language, but looking very different. So which is right?

We need a quick way to see what's happening in our models, to find inconsistencies, fix them, and stop them happening again.

With Model Expert help, modellers can get it right first time. Here's an example of what a modeller will see, using Model Expert.


Open the package as usual and add a diagram.

The modeller doesn't know which kind of diagram to use but Model Expert knows what's allowed and is ready to provide Help.

The help can include links to your existing sources of knowledge, and it can also include your own in-line customised help, saved in your EA model, dynamically generated, and provided just when the modeller needs it. It can also include 'best practice' examples from your EA model.

In this example, to create a new process diagram:

  • When the modeller is doing it right, Model Expert doesn't interrupt.
  • If the modeller chooses the wrong option then Model Expert applies rules, presenting the user with a dynamically generated simplified properties form in real time. For some element types:
    • it prompts with a limited set of options for allowed stereotypes
    • and lots of pop-up help
    • and one attribute is marked as mandatory
  • For other element types, where less detail is required, the modeller is just presented with a choice of the permitted stereotypes.
  • If an element type is chosen from the MDG but which is not allowed in this diagram type, Model Expert instead provides a list of the element types which are allowed. The modeller can then choose the right one.
  • Where the modeller can’t create new but must pick from an existing set of elements, then Model Expert displays the list of approved elements, otherwise the modeller can create a new one.
  • Model Expert also knows which connector types are allowed and provides help, right where the modeller needs it, all pulled in real-time from the rules saved in this EA model. All the time, Model Expert is teaching the modeller the ‘right’ way.
  • Once the diagram is finished – time for a final check Model Expert has applied the rules, highlighted errors, and calculated a numerical score of quality for this diagram. Now the modeller can make changes to this copy of the diagram, save the changes and run a final check.
  • Now the model is good and the modeller has improved too.

Add a Model Expert to your team.

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