Exploring the Model Expert Dashboard

As EA models get larger it's more difficult to understand the big picture.
What's happening in this package?
What kinds of models have been created?
The Model Expert Dashboard helps you see the big picture, 
spot potential problems, 
and start to fix them.

Choose a package and open Model Expert 'Package Dashboard'.

The dashboard gives a 1-page view across a single EA package.
It looks for all the elements, connectors and diagrams in the package.
Even if the package is very large.
Then shows some key measures to help understand what's happening.
Let's look at the key parts of the dashboard:.
First the element types.
We can drill down to find out more.
The detailed view shows which elements have the most connectors, and which are in the most diagrams.
Click an element to find it in the project browser
Now let's look at the diagrams in this package.
Which has the most elements?
Just click to open it and take a look.
There's an overall measure of Package Complexity. It's based on the number of different element and connector types in this package.
There's also a Word Cloud of the terms used in this package. Model Expert scans through the names and notes of elements, attributes, methods... and scenarios, and shows which are the most commonly used terms.
Drill down to explore further.
More key measures...
Duplicates can be hard to find and fix ...unless you have a Model Expert.
All the duplicates, sorted by type and name. With this list, fixing the duplicates is now easy.
Model Expert creates a diagram showing all the duplicates.
Now it's simple to just connect to the correct 'master' element..
Empty diagrams may be a sign that there's a problem. Just click to find and open them.
We can see at a glance the top 5 elements and diagrams for this package.
Click a diagram to open it. And the same with the top 5 elements.
To see more, explore the meta-model of the package.

Add a Model Expert to your team.

For more information, and a free 30-day trial, visit store.eadocx.com/modelexpert