Model Expert Downloads

Model Expert Standard Edition includes all the features of Model Expert free for 30 days. After this it reverts to a reduced set of functions.

To download the Premium edition version of code you need to be registered as a Model Expert customer. Please login and make sure your account has been updated with a valid licence key. 


Model Expert V2 allows you to define multiple 'Reference Models' which show modellers how to create accurate EA diagrams quickly and simply, by guiding them through the modelling process.

It includes:

- Model Expert can now generate MDGs from Reference Models, which provides the modeller with customised toolboxes for Model Expert diagrams

- When analyzing models, Beta 2 will now also (by default, but optionally) analyze the contents of diagrams, as well as the contents of a package.


Do contact us about any issues you discover as you use this Beta code. We are keen to receive your feedback.

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