Model Expert licences include 12 months of access to support and maintenance.

What is covered by Model Expert Support?

  • Unlimited access to product updates.
  • Ticketed support for any issues that you may have with the product.



How do I get Model Expert Support?

There are several ways to get support for Model Expert:

  1. During your free 30 day trial, the support team is available to provide up to 1 hour of free web advice to help you get started.
  1. Logged in Model Expert Customers can submit email Support tickets through the website.  Requests can include bug reports, requests for feature enhancements or specific issues in their use of the software.
    (In the event that material required to resolve Support queries is commercially sensitive, eaDocX Ltd will be happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to ensure confidentiality.)  

If you are a customer but can't see the Support tab (for example, if you bought through a Reseller or someone else bought the key for you), you need to enter your licence key in your account information.  Do this by selecting "My Account" then "Edit Profle" - add your licence key into the "Model Expert Subscription Information" field and update.


  1. General issues and questions can be posted in the Forum.
  1. If you require more tailored support covering your use of EA, Model Expert and eaDocX, then a Remote Mentoring service is also available, providing on-demand web-based support.