Licence Types

eaDocX is available as a Standard, Single User Licence or as a Group Licence.  So which licence type is best for you?

Licence Types


Standard Licence


Group Licence

This licence type provides one installation for one PC, single user, dedicated use.

LIcences are perpetual: choose your support duration.

This licence type allows a pool of users to share a licence between them, with a limit on the number of users allowed to use eaDocX at the same time.

Simple installation and management.

Licences are valid for 12 months


Note that for all editions of eaDocX (Professional, Corporate and Collaboration), there are no limits to the number of documents that can be created, and online documents (created using Collaboration edition) can be reviewed by an unlimited number of collaborators.

Note: January 2018: eaDocX Floating licences are no longer available for purchase.