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Do you know what's in your model?

If it's a big model,

  • lots of modellers,
  • different parts of your business,
  • several modelling languages,
  • grown over time

then probably no-one knows everything that's in it..

... but    can change all that!



Element types and connector types and how they are being used.

Attributes and TVs in use

Diagrams and their contents

A Word Cloud view of package contents (names and notes).


If there are duplicate elements.

Are there any empty diagrams?

The top-5 most used elements

The diagrams with the highest complexity

How complex is your meta-model?

Review: Find and Fix

Remove inconsistencies, duplications and contradictions.

Improve the quality of your model.

Make it more usable by the whole team.

Guided: Right First Time

Embedded best practice

Real time modelling prompts

Skillful modellers => better models

* All Model Expert features are FREE with your 30-day trial. After that, some features need a paid-for Licence subscription.


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