eaDocX Trial

If you would like to use eaDocX as a simple add-in to Enterprise Architect, then just download and install the trial application below.

There is also a simple guide to getting started - although it may not be up-to-date with the latest eaDocX version - we believe that getting the code to you is the priority, so sometimes the other stuff takes a while longer.

This is the trial version of eaDocX V5.

It gives you a 30 day trial of all eaDocX function, including the new V5 Collaboration Edition 'Interactive Documents'.

Even if you have previously had a trial of a previous eaDocX version, this will give you another 30 days to discover the latest features of eaDocX.

Trial version of eaDocX

This is a trial version of eaDocX V4. It is a full-function version of eaDocX, including Professional, Corporate and Collaboration Edition features, so has all the Word and Excel function of the full product.

It has a new 30-day licence, so if you have previously tried eaDocX v3 for 30 days, then you can have 30 more days with V4

Introduction to eaDocX: Training material

This file includes a set of brief self study resources (an example .eap model plus training document) to help you get started.

It shows how to create your first Word document and then add extra sections, use Word Styles and set up conditional formatting.

It also gives a brief introduction to editing with Excel. 

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