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Project Automation Survey

Here are the European and US results of our research into Project Automation. We were trying to discover how 'joined-up' organisations are when it comes to integrating and sharing knowledge across functions and projects - are people using integrated software tools or manual "wetware" transfers?

We carried this survey to a number of venues, with respondents from a range of roles and organisations in September - November 2012.  At several of the venues we did not get statistically significant numbers of respondents.  (By eyeball, none of them told a substantially different story). 

However 2 of the locations we visited did give us meaningful results: the BA2012 conference in London and the BBC 2012 conference in Fort Lauderdale. In both cases we surveyed similar numbers of people in similar roles.  At the same time, the IIBA in the UK was surveying their members and they asked questions about the tools used. The results can be read together and provide a consistent picture of the 'state of the art'.

You can read the IIBA research here: http://uk.theiiba.org/images/reports/basurvey2012_final_v1_0s.pdf 

The results may give you something to talk about over coffee - and maybe even spur you into action! 

eaDocX T-shirt Design

Here's the graphic used for the latest style statement for EA and eaDocX users everywhere... the eaDocX T-shirt.

To get one - just submit a user story, white paper or presentation about how you have used EA and eaDocX to transform how you work. If we can publish it, then a T-shirt will be yours...

Please send your submissions to jackie(at)eadocx(dot)com.

The (almost) Underground Map

EA and eaDocX like you've never seen them before...

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