eaDocX Profiles

When you create a document using eaDocX, all the formatting options you have chosen are saved in an eaDocX 'Profile'. This profile is saved within your Word document(1)
In the profile eaDocX saves:

1.   How each kind of EA element should be formatted: table or inline, which attributes are printed, and in which order

2.   The names of all of the eaDocX sections in your document, and which EA content should go there
3.   The definitions of any eaDocX reports in the document, and the formatting options for them
4.   Any other document formatting options, such as colors for tables.
5.   Any EA Elements which you have chosen to exclude from this document
We have provided some example eaDocX Profiles, which give you a quick start in creating your own document. These profiles only contain examples of item (1) in the list above, as all the other items are specific to your document.
You can also share eaDocX Profiles between documents, so that all your documents print in a similar style - see Sharing Document Profiles.
Also try the Getting Started video.
(1) you may have noticed a strange line of text at the very bottom of your document which looks like this:
If you accidentally delete this line, the you will lose all the formatting for your document! It contains the Profile, hidden as XML.